The dance of night and day

I have kept the memory of sunrise in my mind
For days when the night takes too long to leave
and i have had enough of that darkness
It is so hard to see anything but fading
But I like to see the moment when the sky is darkness fading
when the stars mingle with purple and blue skies
and the sun peeks enough to splash a bright orange
Those are the times when I think
that the beautiful thing about the dance of night and day is the promise of becoming
the realization that one will follow the other
That for every light, there is darkness
and for every darkness, there is light



When we come to the end of the universe
and there is no more space to discover
I will fold into you until we are atomic
to search the spaces between your cells
and the galaxies tucked into your ribs
until the breaths and heartbeats are nearly one
We will ripple space-time (with our merging)
There is still more to see inside ourselves