In the beginning of time, there was nothing but dust
And darkness enveloped only darkness
And there was so much space to get lost into
Yet no place for us
But the atoms, the stars, the planets still found their way to each other
There was no place to be alone
But that’s how the universe was created
Out of contact, out of collision

Midnight Love

I will meet you
When the clock has stopped at 12 in the morning
And the city is sleeping soundly
Their mattresses carrying the weight of their struggles
And their dreams and innermost secrets kept under their pillow

But not us
We will not be sleeping
And I will not hide my soul from you
Instead I will take my box of photographs
And I will go to your apartment
Where the clock has stopped at 12 in the morning
To show you the marks where the flashes have hit me
The light in your room will be as bright as the sun in your eyes
We will be the noon of midnight
And I will show you love under the sun, the moon and the stars