Empty Faith

Wasted words and wasted prayers
preachers on their knees, but murderers in their sleep
Laying bodies down to rest, as if passing some divine test
Rejoicing in the blood sacrificed for the Lord
They would say “a great flood is coming to wash away the dirt”
while their hands pulled down the lever on the dam
standing on top of pillars, no one gave a damn who got hurt
Forgiveness, they say, is the way of the divine
but confession now involves a gun and a body thrown aside
But no matter, this is holy, because for their sins they must atone
we forget that virtue doesn’t rely on good intentions alone
Watch them now as they preach their cause, they give medals of honor based on how much bodies you’ve tossed
They claim to cleanse this land of sin, protect the people’s lives
no matter if we preach the will of the Father, through a bullet and a knife


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