I love with the kind of love that people have when they have to leave someone behind
When home is one place but your bed is always somewhere else
when you have to see the world but you also have to see that special someone so you bridge the distance through a screen
and you know it is never enough but your heart is a heart that likes to beat in different timelines and your feet are feet that like to walk different roads

I will never stay in one place
at least, not for a while
but it never means I love with a love that is any less than the distances I overcome
Doesn’t mean I love with a love that is any less real
Because these places are real
and these faces are real
and you and I are real
and so my hand does shake as much as a plane does when I think about holding you hand
and I will always breathe a different air but this air is of one Earth
and so remember I am always under the same sky
and always basking under the same sun
So never think that the distance will stretch us thin
because I love with a love that crosses distances
And when we settle down, I will buy bedsheets with the map of the world
so that I can make love to you in every corner, every country, every ocean, and every continent
because I will always want to leave
but that doesn’t mean that I don’t want to take you with me


10 minutes in between

Between crowded hallways and ringing bells, I whisper your name
I try to catch you, try to call out
but my words carry a longing drowned in the chatter
and you have already gone off in a rush
always running somewhere
but never running here

When the hallways become crowded and the bells are ringing
you are always running
and I am always left standing in the 10 minutes in between