To the things I could not let go
The fears that plague my head
The hurt that I have kept
The tears I did not shed
To the people I love that has come to rest
To the life I previously led
To the heaviness that lies on my chest
Another year has gone by
and yet so much has changed
So much lost and so much gained
So many things that will never be the same and yet there are those that stay
Like the leaves that come and go, so do people
There are things that I have done one last time
Things I need to forgive and forget
So many things I regret
The taste of new beginnings tickles my tongue
I am learning what it means to let go
but it is difficult
It is not so easy to find relief
There is a demon that rests on me
It is haunting
But I have learned to play the shadow’s games
And I know light rests on my fingertips
It is so close and yet sometimes feels so far
like a distant star one yearns for
Sometimes I don’t know anymore
But I do know this
I am tired of dark corners and unopened chests
It is easy to keep secrets
and I have skirted danger my entire life
There is a cliff side and I am looking for the tides of ocean
to wash away all the dirt that is hidden in the cracks of my mind
and the winds of the storm
to clear away the fog in my eyes
I want to see clearly now
want to see the sun that peeks from the horizon
There is a new beginning that awaits me
just beyond the storm

Author’s Note: It’s already a new year here in the Philippines but it isn’t in other places, and I still want to post a goodbye poem to 2015. Cheers for the New Year.