White light

At last, what a day to be proud of
At last, generations of voices calling out for the opportunity to be treated the same under legal codes
At last, we are painting the rainbow
I know that the way my father looked at my mother from the moment he met her, the way Paris must have gazed at Helen, is the same as the way my best friend looks at the woman she loves
That there are reds and oranges the color of the sky as the sun kisses the horizon good night
Yellows and greens of bright plantations
where little boys and girls learned to walk and to fall and
to get up because a kiss to the bruise is touch from the heart
Blues and indigos of the ocean waves being your first teachers on what it looks like to be in sync with someone
And purples flowers in the meadow where you first learned to love everything that is around you
What a wonderful day it is, the colors are much brighter
And it’s not about whose black or white anymore
Not even who’s vibrant yellow and mellow blue
or who’s dark red and soft green
The colors are everywhere, it doesn’t matter which color we belong to
Because the rainbow is actually the spectrum of light amongst its different frequencies
And whether or not you tend to be more red or purple doesn’t matter
Because we’re all just white light anyway
A light much too bright for our eyes to fathom
But that’s okay
You just wait for the rain of murmurs and tears to pass
Wait for the thunders of fighting and chaos to subside
And then you will see the white light in the best way we can capture it
A rainbow across the clear blue sky
And know that you can be loved from whichever end of the spectrum because the colors will never fade
Not today

Author’s Note: I just want to express how happy I am at the legalization of same-sex marriage in America in all 50 states and I am so glad as well to see how happy it has made a lot of people, LGBT or not. I can’t be too positive that a similar situation will be reached here in the Philippines but even so a lot of people here are happy and supportive of this great change as well, and I know my friends who are LGBT are very happy about it too. We are all part of the rainbow and in the end we are all part of white light, the bright gift of life. So congratulations to everyone because I think a step in the direction justice and equality is truly beneficial for all.


Drenched in rainfall

I wish it were that easy to rid yourself of dirt
The rain will wash away the pain they tell you
What they don’t tell you is that the water will feel cold against your skin
That the droplets will hit your skin so hard you’ll wonder if it’s possible to get bruises
That rainfall will surround and drench you enough that you can no longer tell the difference because everything is just wet
The smell of rain will mask the stench of your hurt
Rain masks pain
Rain creates the fog that blurs your vision, you don’t have to feel
You are cold and hurt and so drenched to the bones that it is all you will feel
Rain does not wash away the pain
It only numbs it
Like cough syrup
And slowly you will love rain
Maybe because of the calming effect of it’s rhythmic falling
Maybe because of the warmth you can access when rain makes it cold
Maybe because of it’s illusions
Maybe because rain numb you enough for a while
Maybe because it can flood you, until you drown
Don’t even get me started on drowning

Finding poetry again

It has been a month already
Since I’ve done any poetry
It is not like riding a bike
Nor is it like taking a hike
You will remember some, yet
You can sometimes forget
How all the words should be placed
Your mind will start to race
You can forget that it does not have to rhyme
That phrase does not have to be followed by time
But you should consider giving yourself a few minutes to reconcile
Try to give yourself a while
Remember not go around in circles
Your idea should be developing
Build blocks that stack up
Or widen with each word
But do not rush it
The pieces might not always fit
Try to give yourself a while
Remember not to go around in circles
And remember your own advice
You know what you’re talking about
You’ve been here before
Struggled with your poetry, your craft
Writing has made you weak, as if your ink was made from you own blood
Writing has become draining
When the sacrifice is no longer worth it
When you do not know what you write for
Give yourself some credit
Your ability to write poetry will never be lost
Not as long as there is a match
All you need is a spark to make that flame
And when it comes you will find the words in the darkness
Because poetry will sometimes change for us
And no two poems will be the same
And time will come when you will have to write a poem about finding what you lost once again
Before you can write about everything you’ve found