Often I search for the galaxies hidden under a person’s skin
Don’t you see? I used to dream of being an astronaut
I spent so much time watching the stars I can still see them when I close my eyes
Isn’t that beautiful? To never be in complete darkness
the knowledge that every moment I see something, light is there
it is the lingering spirit that guides those lost in space

I learned that the universe is chaos
that all this structure came from scattered pieces that once floated around separately
pulled together by a force natural to those with a physical existence
How beautiful it is, to know that our embodiment grants us attraction
Our destiny as a people to come together
to create constellations by intertwining fingertips
and supernovas through crashing kisses

Love, why do we have skin?
when I just want to see the sun that’s tucked into your ribs
I can feel the warmth coming from your chest
I feel the solar flares dancing across my skin
I can taste the stardust in your mouth

Now, I am no astronaut, but I still learn about stars
I see people passing by with their star-kissed skin
I look into your eyes at the universe that lies there waiting to be discovered
Don’t you know that you are stardust and your soul is nuclear?
I feel you radiating
A chaos waiting to happen
I will be there to be you gravity
keep all your pieces in one place
as we turn the wreckage into something beautiful


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