Brothers that I see no more
I’m sorry that time and space has made our galaxies different
I’m sorry things are this way
I could have tried harder
Now we have grown into different shades of blue and green
but the colors still mix together
You are still my brothers and there are still things only you know about
I don’t worry too much because our universe is still the same
and our orbits will always find ways to cross
I will see you again beyond the sun

Brothers, the songs we used to sing still play in my mind
these days I can’t help but remember the way we sung to the tune of life’s adventures, to its successes and failures
The chairs and tables we hung around are empty now
but not forever
The beer left on the table is not unfinished but simply waiting to be refilled
and my throat simply waits to sing our songs once more
Brothers, I will see you again
this, I am sure of


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