Sometimes I consciously shut off all of the other senses
except for my sight
So I can see you, hear you, and feel you
with greater intensity
By just taking you all in
from my eyes
down to my soul



Dancing leaves and pouring rain
The days pass by like scenes from a train
I hope someday, I can leave the rails
and see for myself, these vast green plains

My blog

It’s funny how you’ll see
more traces of me here
in this little place on the virtual platform
where I rearrange the 1s and 0s
into words floating in virtual space
and then rearrange them even more
to words in formation
A sort of body to house the spirit
of all the things my inner person wishes to say and be
Sometimes they can be found tucked between my class notes
or between paragraphs of my everyday
Between those lines are my lines
Between those breaths are the things I say only as a mere whisper
Here in this virtual space, you will find traces of the reality of me
Here in my blog
and my words
is myself

Cloud Skwaters

The clouds have moved in again without any second thought
no care for who is already living there
Like informal settlers
they come into your home carrying all their baggage
and they carelessly drop it on your living room floor
Just seeing them there
already feels
like you might be standing knee deep in their burdens
waiting to drown


The shadow that I make
is from my body being enough
enough matter to block something as powerful as light
enough form to reflect something uniquely me
enough to portray a darkness that symbolizes the fullness of my being
enough of me
there is enough of me
to create my own personal mark