Brothers that I see no more
I’m sorry that time and space has made our galaxies different
I’m sorry things are this way
I could have tried harder
Now we have grown into different shades of blue and green
but the colors still mix together
You are still my brothers and there are still things only you know about
I don’t worry too much because our universe is still the same
and our orbits will always find ways to cross
I will see you again beyond the sun

Brothers, the songs we used to sing still play in my mind
these days I can’t help but remember the way we sung to the tune of life’s adventures, to its successes and failures
The chairs and tables we hung around are empty now
but not forever
The beer left on the table is not unfinished but simply waiting to be refilled
and my throat simply waits to sing our songs once more
Brothers, I will see you again
this, I am sure of



Here is a man whose religion is alcohol
He prays before every meal by raising his hand and asking for a glass of wine
and every night before he sleeps by chugging a beer from the fridge
He spends his days and nights in a church where all his fellowmen go to drink their problems away
Their bartender is the priest; he is their connection to their God
the alcohol for holy communion are lined up in a shelf behind him
and he accepts confession over the bar as men slur away their woes
Here is a man who entered into this religion via baptism by vodka
to him, no water is holier
He drinks his gin and tonic and says “this tastes like heaven”
and so he asks for two more
Men like this find salvation with each glass they bottom out
and each bottle empty on the countertop
He spends his days between drunk and tipsy
sober is a place where he does not see God
and so he does not go there anymore

Dirty Talk

Your skin so pure as it shines in its white glow
greatly contrasting against your black dress
I want to mold into your heavenly sculpted form
press into your strong back and soft ass
and let my hands wander a smooth stomach and rest under your supple breasts
With every inch of you that slips out of your dress, I will kiss you harder, I promise you this
I am not merely a traveler my darling, I am a wanderer
Lost is the game I play, and so no part of you will be left untouched, no part left un-kissed
because I will lose myself in your body
I am writer too, and so I will write verses of poetry through hickeys
and I will trace my finger around your nipples, down your front, and between your thighs
I play the guitar sweetheart, I know how to make music with my hands
I’ll pluck out the chords and you can belt out the lyrics till your throat is sore
Lover, I will baptize you into this religion of desire
I want you to feel how much closer the light is as we lay tangled in the dark
bathe in the holy water of our sweat as we profess our faith
I will make you feel holy under the passion of my love


Deep into the night, I hear the song of the shores
like sirens luring you into their rocks
only to consume you as you lose yourself to desire
I can feel myself fading away into my dreams
waking up is tantamount to leaving you and my eyes have grown attached to the darkness
What is to see, if it’s not you my eyes land on?

My love, I trek the realm of Morpheus each night trying to find you
And if in my head is where we meet, I will accept it
because my mind makes you real to me
And I know that sleep is the father of dreams
and is brother to illusions
Its grandparents are darkness and night
So understand that if I want to delve into the shadows
it is because I can feel you there most
during the dark moments where you haunt me
My love, I want you to haunt me


Often I search for the galaxies hidden under a person’s skin
Don’t you see? I used to dream of being an astronaut
I spent so much time watching the stars I can still see them when I close my eyes
Isn’t that beautiful? To never be in complete darkness
the knowledge that every moment I see something, light is there
it is the lingering spirit that guides those lost in space

I learned that the universe is chaos
that all this structure came from scattered pieces that once floated around separately
pulled together by a force natural to those with a physical existence
How beautiful it is, to know that our embodiment grants us attraction
Our destiny as a people to come together
to create constellations by intertwining fingertips
and supernovas through crashing kisses

Love, why do we have skin?
when I just want to see the sun that’s tucked into your ribs
I can feel the warmth coming from your chest
I feel the solar flares dancing across my skin
I can taste the stardust in your mouth

Now, I am no astronaut, but I still learn about stars
I see people passing by with their star-kissed skin
I look into your eyes at the universe that lies there waiting to be discovered
Don’t you know that you are stardust and your soul is nuclear?
I feel you radiating
A chaos waiting to happen
I will be there to be you gravity
keep all your pieces in one place
as we turn the wreckage into something beautiful