Paper and rain

There had been times when I felt like I was paper
And she was rain
There I was just soaking up as much of her as I can
never noticing how I was ripped into pieces

I loved the way she filled my senses
It might have been drowning but I called it catching a different air
so easy to confuse poison and perfume
I loved the scent of a rose filled with toxic thorns
How tempting it is to pick it up

I saw her even at night when my eyes were already closed
I called dreaming what was probably haunting
I let her slip through my walls and leave her presence
Let her spirit move with mine in a dance that was always a little bit one sided
I gave her my hand to hold and she gave me her wrist
and the dance looked more like tugging
I didn’t realize that she was always taking and I was always giving

I was paper and she was rain
and loving her only washed always the lines of my identity
and left me in one soggy mess

I’d rather love a girl that is fire
and be the reason she burns brighter
My bones are so cold now
I have spent too long in her presence


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