Here is a man whose religion is alcohol
He prays before every meal by raising his hand and asking for a glass of wine
and every night before he sleeps by chugging a beer from the fridge
He spends his days and nights in a church where all his fellowmen go to drink their problems away
Their bartender is the priest; he is their connection to their God
the alcohol for holy communion are lined up in a shelf behind him
and he accepts confession over the bar as men slur away their woes
Here is a man who entered into this religion via baptism by vodka
to him, no water is holier
He drinks his gin and tonic and says “this tastes like heaven”
and so he asks for two more
Men like this find salvation with each glass they bottom out
and each bottle empty on the countertop
He spends his days between drunk and tipsy
sober is a place where he does not see God
and so he does not go there anymore

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