Dirty Talk

Your skin so pure as it shines in its white glow
greatly contrasting against your black dress
I want to mold into your heavenly sculpted form
press into your strong back and soft ass
and let my hands wander a smooth stomach and rest under your supple breasts
With every inch of you that slips out of your dress, I will kiss you harder, I promise you this
I am not merely a traveler my darling, I am a wanderer
Lost is the game I play, and so no part of you will be left untouched, no part left un-kissed
because I will lose myself in your body
I am writer too, and so I will write verses of poetry through hickeys
and I will trace my finger around your nipples, down your front, and between your thighs
I play the guitar sweetheart, I know how to make music with my hands
I’ll pluck out the chords and you can belt out the lyrics till your throat is sore
Lover, I will baptize you into this religion of desire
I want you to feel how much closer the light is as we lay tangled in the dark
bathe in the holy water of our sweat as we profess our faith
I will make you feel holy under the passion of my love

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