I can’t stop thinking about you
sometimes they’re about the possibilities of you connected to me
I know that’s dangerous but my mind is an adventure-seeker
and it likes to study the game called “chance”
But most of the time I think about you in the way I experience you
The way your smile feels like the afternoons in empty hallways
serene and peaceful
The way your hair frames your face
as if understanding your face as an artwork that needs a place on the walls
The way you laugh in a way that sounds so lovely
I am unsure how you manage to make it sound like you’re singing
The way your skin glows a mix between white and pale
almost like snow that I have to wonder if you’re a snow angel brought to life
It seems fitting a word
there is something so holy about the way you glow
like to be with you is similar to prayer
an act of faith and act of love
I find that the times I would like to pray throughout the day
are in the morning, when I eat, and before I sleep
and all the moments I lay my eyes on you
Because in you I see light
sometimes when I look at you, I see light

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