Hush little one
you’re safe now
no more tears, no more pain
Tuck yourself under the blanket of the water
it’s time to sleep again
Don’t you worry, when you awake
there’ll be sun and endless sky
Paradise is yours to take
but for now just close your eyes
The fires can no longer reach you
This is no longer your burden

You deserve peaceful resting
While we need to awaken

Author’s note: I’m not sure how far my sympathy for these people or my anger for those that caused this tragedy to happen, will reach. Now that it’s too late I’m not sure how much impact it has. I really don’t know what to say about it, how to truly express my pain, my sympathy, my anger. I think in some way the loved ones of all that passed away are too overwhelmed as well to fully express their emotions. I cannot claim to completely understand, but my heart aches anyway because I know at least that this is something that never should have happened. I am sorry that it did. But I think that I can at least say a few words to little Aylan, and in some ways all those who passed, as way of condolence. This poem is that, and while it is not everything, maybe it will be enough.

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