Taste of Fire

There is that moment
when the words I want to say
are ones I want to say so badly
with as much passion as the blood in my veins
with as much power as the fire that rests in my stomach
I am craving to spit my fire
but I find I am no spitfire individual
I am too afraid that I might get burnt by my own words
So instead they sit here in my mouth, and burning my own tongue
I no longer taste anything
Nothing but the burnt taste of the words I could not say
It tastes like the fire in my throat

2 thoughts on “Taste of Fire

    1. Oh wow thank you so much! I’ll admit that I’ve been too busy to write anything for a while now but I certainly love writing and getting these responses make it worthwhile as well. So thank you 🙂

      And I’m sure that your words will impact others too. Isn’t that what we all do? Convey a reality through our words. We just do it with poetry. People will connect to what is real, be it thoughts, emotions, or experience.


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