I stick a note to the wall everyday upon waking
a mere palm-sized piece of paper where I draw a stick eagle  sitting on its stick nest on top of a tall tree
My drawing skills allow me only stick figures
but I supposed it is enough to deduce that the drawing is a bird
And as I leave the door everyday
there is a drawing of an eagle spreading its wings to fly
As I ride public transportation
I leave little drawings of a flying eagle stuck on the seat
and whenever I get home
I place on the door
a drawing of an eagle back in its tree

But when I meet someone
I give them a drawing of a feather
and on every place I sit
every book I read
every time I leave
I shed more paper to stick on their skin
And I know one day it will fall off
but at some point it was this familiar sketch on their body
like a temporary tattoo

Every night before I go to sleep
I draw on the paper—
I write on the paper:
“Thank you” and “I’m sorry”
“It was so nice to meet you”
“It was nice to hang-out”
“I wish you well” and “I miss you”
“We are ever changing”
“We talked today. I will remember that” and “You are important to me”
“Eat well” and “Live well”
“Secrets” and “Wishes” and “Regrets”
“Dreams” and “Fears”
“Love” and “People”
And I will stick them to the ceiling above my bed
as I have done every night since I knew what stars were
All the words I might and might not have said
and felt
Litter them across the ceiling like a constellation
Make them look like a galaxy
because these things are now bigger than me
And I am thankful to have lived them today and yesterday
and the day before that
And I will continue to live with the eagle eye
Looking out for the stars and endless span of sky
and all the things there is to see
and all the things there is to be
I only hope someone will remember the way I stuck a feather to their skin
Maybe some of them are still there

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