Paper people
Paper places
I Fear That I Put so much expectations on A Place
That it has become Nothing More than Fiction
A grocery List that I only Slightly Wish my Mom made:
Flour, Eggs, mountain Dew, catfish, spray Paint and 212 bottles of beer
Had I Always been So foldable?
there is a Crease in This book I am reading
The pages are Filled To the Brim with words
A story someone Wrote
did I Write mine?
I must have
Except even I Can’t Reach some areas Of myself
japanese art Of Paper folding
fold Me Into a Fish
And tides will Still carry Me
fold Me Into A frog
and my Leap Will Only be short
Fold me into A plane
And the Wind Can only Carry me So far
Please Don’t put all your Hopes in me
Paper can Only get you so far
add my Page into a History book
But I can only tell The World so Much
about a Moment in Time
don’t Write your stories On my arms
or My Back
Or my Hands
that Doesn’t make Them any more Real
but Don’t write Them on yours
In fact, don’t write them At all
Live it
Don’t be a paper Person in a Paper Place
staring Only at the Things that could have Been
Because you Are not paper
you will not Break if the rain Splatters against You
and You cannot be Folded so easily at the whims of A hobbyist
And no Pencil marks can Ever stay on your Skin
Because you are Not a mystery
or A miracle
Or A story
Or a Constellation
You are A person
you are Real
And So Am I

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