Snarly and Shrilly

I found you here
Written on pages
Like flowers in a meadow
I couldn’t help but pick
The sweetest and the worst looking
Of the things you had to say
I thought it was just wonderful
To create a road we did not know the destination of
Bricks upon bricks
To build bridges

We might be looking for the message behind bookshelves and wax figurines
And little drummer boy statues
We may be looking for the signature that will say what our names are
We might think that this might just be worth it
Or we might not be sure
Maybe we expect too much of each other
You don’t have to be someone that catches my problems, just someone that can catch a baby sailing through the air
And I don’t have to be good at conversation, just as long as I’m nerd enough to have the words that you need to hear
And maybe we don’t have to spend New Year’s Eve waiting to kiss on midnight
Because we could just bake in a famous bakery or accidentally lock ourselves in a room full of dictionaries
And dance our way out of a train
And knock our heads together then talk about the best way to fuse my lips with yours
Because we’re all a little too weird to be normal anyway

I think
That fate is no automatic door that opens into paradise
You’ll have to make the door, and the key, and bridge, and the paradise
Because we’ve all got to fix our fate ourselves
And I decide that I like the girl I wrote to
On that silly notebook
But I want to build that future
With this amazing girl that I woke up to on New Year
And I think that can be love
And I anticipate that

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