Lost Words

Quiet down and steady your breathing
Do you hear your heartbeat?
Well quiet down even more
Steady your heart to a slow rhythm
Do you hear your blood rushing?
It is nothing like the state of peace you currently reside in
Your blood is flowing, cells are moving at breakneck speeds
In silence, you will feel the natural flow of the universe in its efforts to keep life going

Quiet now, don’t waste your breath
The world is loud but the silence is louder
Do you hear its noises?
The void is filled with the raw desires by which we shame ourselves sometimes
The words we only let graze our lips but swallow back inside in fear
The murmurs are a fog and beyond it is the canyon where our voices are kept when we throw them over
In silence, you can hear the whistling

There is very little space between us, don’t fill it up with words
I just want to fill it up with each other
We don’t need to say anything
Our eyes sometimes show all that we hide
In darkness you find the answers
In silence you hear it whispered

In my dream I was in a concert
Where my subconscious was the band playing
Listing down all the things I’ve ever regretted and all the secrets I didn’t even know I was hiding
It was all too loud, my eardrums had burst
And I woke up to sunrise filling my eyes
The darkness faded away, took with in all the answers
And then there was warmth, and noise and chatter
And I let my breath out faster, already in a hurry
And just like that I leave the questions unanswered
And the questions are just questions and the answers are just answers
Because in silence, it is limbo
The place between the spaces of everything


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