Finding poetry again

It has been a month already
Since I’ve done any poetry
It is not like riding a bike
Nor is it like taking a hike
You will remember some, yet
You can sometimes forget
How all the words should be placed
Your mind will start to race
You can forget that it does not have to rhyme
That phrase does not have to be followed by time
But you should consider giving yourself a few minutes to reconcile
Try to give yourself a while
Remember not go around in circles
Your idea should be developing
Build blocks that stack up
Or widen with each word
But do not rush it
The pieces might not always fit
Try to give yourself a while
Remember not to go around in circles
And remember your own advice
You know what you’re talking about
You’ve been here before
Struggled with your poetry, your craft
Writing has made you weak, as if your ink was made from you own blood
Writing has become draining
When the sacrifice is no longer worth it
When you do not know what you write for
Give yourself some credit
Your ability to write poetry will never be lost
Not as long as there is a match
All you need is a spark to make that flame
And when it comes you will find the words in the darkness
Because poetry will sometimes change for us
And no two poems will be the same
And time will come when you will have to write a poem about finding what you lost once again
Before you can write about everything you’ve found

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