Drenched in rainfall

I wish it were that easy to rid yourself of dirt
The rain will wash away the pain they tell you
What they don’t tell you is that the water will feel cold against your skin
That the droplets will hit your skin so hard you’ll wonder if it’s possible to get bruises
That rainfall will surround and drench you enough that you can no longer tell the difference because everything is just wet
The smell of rain will mask the stench of your hurt
Rain masks pain
Rain creates the fog that blurs your vision, you don’t have to feel
You are cold and hurt and so drenched to the bones that it is all you will feel
Rain does not wash away the pain
It only numbs it
Like cough syrup
And slowly you will love rain
Maybe because of the calming effect of it’s rhythmic falling
Maybe because of the warmth you can access when rain makes it cold
Maybe because of it’s illusions
Maybe because rain numb you enough for a while
Maybe because it can flood you, until you drown
Don’t even get me started on drowning

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