869 characters too many

“What’s happening?”
Thank you for asking twitter
Unfortunately, there’s a character count
I have already used most of it
You won’t listen above 140 characters is what’s happening
And I can’t take too long at this store because my friends are already impatiently waiting
And I have to take this test for only an hour
And she won’t stay and wait for even just 3 days because that’s too much
It’s already too much
There is always a limit isn’t there?
But you wouldn’t listen won’t you twitter? I won’t even be able to tweet this
Won’t even be able to add this to your system
I am, after all, already 494 characters too many at this point
I have already said too much for myself, wasted too much time on myself
There is a gushing red highlight on these very words, like when Dolores Umbridge made Harry write with his blood
“I must not tell lies” and I won’t
I do need to say more and be more and have more time
Is that so bad?
Why are we always punished for taking care of ourselves?
Why is there always a limit?

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