Memory of lovely bruises

I had travelled the secrets of her surface
She knows this
Like sunrise
Her eyes fill with sunlight
Alabaster skin is marred with bruises
She saw this morning and she remembered
That into the silence of the night
There were stars where our bodies intertwined
Where shifting innocence rushed out
There was a whisper of Amen, she exhaled
She had looked up to the heavens in prayer
Eyes wide and set alight
Hands clenched with an anaconda grip
Her voice had sung octaves
She remembers
That like a dam breaking loose, like gushing rivers
Her blood, her soul, her essence filled my mouth
Yes she definitely remembers
That I had suckled, that I took pale skin between my teeth
That I had given her love and passion
That I had given her
love bites

(Author’s Note: This poem actually comes from my poem “Love Bites”, which I have not posted here yet, written backwards as well as slightly modified. This is just me trying to fulfill the last challenge of NaPoWriMo [] which is to write a poem backwards. Not really sure if I did it right but it was kind of fun to revisit an old poem of mine. Cheers to the end of National Poetry Month! And may we celebrate poetry everyday of our lives)

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