More than just an Adjective

I can’t just call you beautiful, that is not enough
You’re not this artwork plastered to the museum walls
I will not take one glance at you, call you beautiful and turn to the next painting to do the same
You have to understand you are more than that

You are not just beautiful, you are a track runner
Your feet will always be moving, I cannotĀ stop to admire you
I have to run beside you and come with you to the places where your smile will be sunrise

There is nothing routine about you and yet there is a pattern I recognize
Like the cosmic background radiation, your ancestry is flowing in your veins
I can see their beauty too
Your starlight now, comes from your forefathers but that’s okay because you are your own frequency

I cannot just call you beautiful, there is a minimum word count and it never stops growing
One word will not suffice, I cannot describe you and be done with it
You are more than just an adjective
I have to tell your story
about how you are a growing person learning the art of overcoming
How you are unable to commit to be a full vegetarian, how you failed tests too
How you are scared, how you are teaching yourself to be brave
How you are teaching me too
I do not have the money to print that all on paper, but I can give the time to tell your story
Because I can’t just call you beautiful, that is not enough

I need to have made an epic out of you, like Achilles
Of the girl, the heroine, who was invincible
And broke barriers, who fought the war against hate
But had a fragile heart, one that no armor can ever truly protect
Because that is more than beautiful
That is human

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