A Life with Music

Satchmi Vinyl Day 2015
Satchmi Vinyl Day 2015

Last Saturday, I attended Satchmi Vinyl Day. It was a music festival hosted by Satchmi, a music and lifestyle brand that centers on selling vinyls and turntables. Here, a bunch of local bands and artists played some great music afternoon to midnight; it was a one hell of an event.

And when I say great music, I mean pretty freaking awesome music.

For a while now I had been feeling the routine of my life weighing down on me. When you’re a college student, life tends to become a bit bland sometimes. Waking up, doing schoolwork, eating, going home, sleeping, etc. It’s all just one big routine that seems to be going in a straight line. And so as summer approached, the excitement to get out of the routine of school was exciting, but also kind of dreadful because I knew I was about to fall into the routine of summer, and past experiences have told me already that would also be a bit of a straight line. I wasn’t wrong.

Don’t get me wrong I’ve entitled myself to trying out some new stuff: photography, improving my Photoshop skills, reading a bunch of books (a lot of books), and essentially going out with my friends. But these things don’t always happen and so the straight routine of life once again takes over.

But every now and then a little spark will light up in me, and it will come at the sound of music. Yes, music never fails to disturb the straight line frequency of life. It’ll come to my ears in harmonic words, shining over the noise of the background. It doesn’t put you in some bubble away from life, no, it breaks the stagnant wavelength at which life travels, every part of your body is dancing, your heart has learned to beat in another rhythm and you will happily let it.

Music has always been that way for me; I grew up surrounded by it, more than anything else. It just runs in my blood and so my veins recognize it when I have filled my body with tunes. It’s as if I had given my body a second heart, a second mind, a second soul. With music, I find that wonder we lose sometimes. We light up at the sound of a good song, it is inherent, it something we cannot help.

And that’s exactly what happened last Saturday after listening to these local bands perform. I heard so many great songs, my veins were circulating blood faster, my entire body demanded to soak in every second of it. I felt alive. I spent a whole night breaking the stagnancy of the routine of my life.

So thank you Satchmi for a night of music. Thank you to the bands that performed.

And well, thank you music. You’ve done it again.

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