Musicians are great lovers! I can attest to that
We just can’t stop singing, and I promise we’ll have you singing too
We love to hit the high notes, and I promise you’ll hit yours
I promise I’ll make you sing a vibrato that will shake your whole body

The first instrument that I learned was the guitar, I have loved it ever since
I took to hours of practice tracing strings, plucking out their tunes, strumming out patterns across their body
I have  learned the way they react to my fiddling
I have mastered the playful curling of fingers to draw out sound
I know what it means to tease out vibrations for music

The second instrument I learned to play was the piano
The first thing I was taught was to remember where the middle C was, remember its sound
It will be the basis to remember where everything else is
I will remember your middle C, your chest, where the tender beating is a sound I will not forget
And from there I will know where to find everything else
Follow the veins where music flows to keep you alive

I was taught how to read music sheets, how to read the notes that rest on the lines
They are the map my fingers will follow when they play the instrument
I promise I’ll read the staff in your eyes, I will memorize your notes and chords and learn to play them
I will teach my hands to play your music, draw out your uneven breaths and moans of unrest
I will draw out the masterpiece that is you, worthy of Carnegie Hall

I will learn your music until the last note, because we musicians like to finish things, and I will not leave your song undone
I will have last song syndrome listening to it, and there is nothing you can do to stop me
I have already tucked the sounds away in my music library, my mind has it on repeat
There is record on the turntable, the needle is stuck on one song
It will be all I hear before we rest
And when we wake, I will find your middle C, to listen to the tender beating I promise not to forget
The song is still playing

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