I’m going to tell you a story
Why? You ask
Well I’m a poet you see
And you probably are too
But I’m not going to offer you verses
Won’t measure us by stanzas
We were not made to rhyme

No instead we were made to tell time
And put children to sleep
We were made to be war tales
Or books of loving too deep
We are libraries, and teachers
Historians and preachers
We were made to spread an infection
Of nursery rhymes and fables
To be dealers of legends and myths
We were made to exchange narratives, little details here and there
We were made to put graffiti on the walls, and get bruises
Holes in our shoes, dirty and beat
But still smiling
We were made to feel the universe with just each breath we give and take

That is who we are
We are poets
And advocates
And diplomats
And social media enthusiasts
Your chat box, your tweets and posts, your blog entries, your stories
We were made to somehow fill gaps, even in silence
We were made to be gardeners, plant the trees of our existence
We were made to emit radiation blasts, so our shadows might mark the walls
We are stories
And we were made to tell stories
We are storytellers after all

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