5 things to remember about spiritual oxygen

1) Love is the Higher Law. That is the title of a book by David Levithan, you should check it out, it’s great. And if you’re Christian, then it is the law of God. But then that’s the point isn’t it? That Love is the higher law. It transcends religion, culture and politics. It transcends difference. I don’t mind what religion you are just as long as when you pray, you pray to Love. Whoever or whatever love is, you pray to them. You ask them to give the world its blessings.

2) Love is there to stay. It doesn’t matter how cynical you are towards it, or how much walls you put up because everything has a weakness. But not love, it knows no weaknesses. Sure, it will come in variations, it will struggle to pierce through your defenses, you will push it away, but it will be there. It will always be there.

3) Love is fragile. Love is like sand, you make a sandcastle and it will be strong, but the waves are always there to crash against it. Life can be a douche like that sometimes. You will just always need to add sand; love needs to be something you never stop giving.

4) Falling in love is like an adventure into space. It is a journey into the unknown, and the thing is no matter how far you travel there will always be more space to discover. You need to be a wanderer, you must be brave enough to step towards the unknown. Because it’s not about how much farther you need to go, it’s about looking around you and realizing that it doesn’t matter where you are in space, there will always be stars.

5) Love is a pretty damn great thing to have. Doesn’t matter where it comes from, doesn’t matter who it is with, it is the air that your spirit breathes. There is contentment in it,  a sense of relief. So love. Just love. Give love, take love, find love, be love. Don’t deprive your spirit of its oxygen.

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