I love the city
I am in love with it
I love its sharp edges
I do not care about curves
Only corners that I can fold into
I love its marks and cracks
Like scars made from thundering feet
They only make it look more alive

The lights are blinding and the noises are deafening
It demands your attention
And I give it
I do not know how not to
I can’t resist tracing the graffiti on its walls
Or listening to the music made by its inability to be still
Nor can I resist the appeal of its dangers
It draws you in
Makes its skies polluted so that you cannot see the stars
Nor yearn for a life outside of it

I love the city
I am in love with it
So much that I spend my hours exploring it till my body gives in and demands rest
And I would love to fall asleep with the city
Have its noises in time with my heartbeats, and the lights close with my eyelids
But I share the city with everybody else
I belong to the city but it doesn’t belong to me
I guess the city is just too busy
To fall asleep with me tonight

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